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Moving Tips

2 Months before moving

• Decide what items you want to transport to your new home. For everything else, it's a good idea to either donate or have a garage sale.
• Start collecting packing materials if you plan to do it by yourself. Tarzian's packing materials are professionally made with a standardized moving sizes and strength.
• Plan your new home layout and create a floor plan to prevent a hassle on the day of the move.
• Accumulate estimates from prospective moving agents.

1 Month before moving

• Contact your agent and discuss all factors including scheduling, additional accessorial services such as piano moving, packing/unpacking options. If you plan to move in the end of the month, make a move appointment with your agent more than a month in advance.
• Book the use of the elevators at both moving-out and moving-in buildings
• Make sure the requirements of the moving-out and moving-in buildings such as a need of certificate of insurance or deposits.
• Decide how much packing you will handle by yourself and inform your agent what items you want them to pack.
• Collect all valuables you will need to carry on the day of the move.

2-1 Weeks Before Moving

• Disassemble your computer system and back up all your computer files.
• Start packing and mark the boxes you will take, to be shipped with Fragile or Do not load.

1 Day Before Moving

• Make sure all packing service has been done before signing for them.

Moving Out Day

• Be on hand when the driver arrives and during the loading.
• Make a final tour of your home to check nothing is over looked.

Packing Tips

• Pack in advance.
• Get sufficient packing supplies.
• Make a list of items you pack, number each box linked to the list.
• Pick a color for each new room and mark boxes with the color.
• Keep things in the same category together.
• Wrap fragile items like potteries by papers and place bigger ones first from the bottom in a box. Stuff paper cushions in the gaps.
• Use small-sized boxes for packing books.
• Fill all the spaces up with cushions when using thin boxes. They are easy to crash to be piled up without the process.
• Wrap fragile items like vases or glass-made picture frames by bubble wraps.
• Securely tape all boxes.
• Pack items for immediate needs in suits cases.
• Take valuable items with you.
• Keep important documents with you.
• Let each family member have one personal box filled with must-need-right-away goods.


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